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Since its inception in 2012, The Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC) has been at the forefront of eCommerce industry efforts to promote fair competition, innovation and the positive development of the industry in Russia. Majority of Russian online-retail companies benefit from membership of AITC as well as large European retailers, like MediaMarkt and Otto Group. AITC has been established to bring concrete benefits to consumers and online retailers and promote the development of e-commerce industry through open dialogue.

The ways in which AITC has fostered a better environment include:

Work with government. AITC and its members contribute to a variety of Government of Russian Federation and parliamentary initiatives and are regularly approached by Government for help and advice and to effect better policy. AITC represents the views of members, bringing together officials, parliamentarians and eCommerce industry to effect better policy.

AITC Trustmark. AITC is active in promoting consumer rights protection and AITC Trustmark allows Russian consumers to find reliable and trustworthy merchants. Compliance with the EMOTA European Trustmark is mandatory for all AITC members and is viewed as a mark of good business practice.

 eCommerce events. AITC support a range of industry and member events conferences. Bringing together the biggest players from Russian ecommerce industry AITC organize its own events and promotions.

 Analytical Reports. Understanding Russian e-commerce market is a complex process, however, AITC publish reports and analysis to help industry develop it growth strategies.

 International cooperation. AITC is an important driving force in promoting collaboration and constructive dialogue between cross-border e-commerce. Special attention is paid to the development of interaction with other countries.

At the moment, AITC has built partnerships with a wide range of organizations, for example «Belt and Road» eCommerce Strategic Alliance; Ecommerce Foundation under Ecommerce Europe; The European eCommerce and Omni Channel Trade Association (EMOTA).

In AITC we know that our work and our results affect the development of the entire e-commerce industry in Russia. We help the industry to adapt to changing market conditions and to exploit new opportunities. For consumers AITC help to defend their rights. For this purposes our Association has everything: range activity, resources and necessary competences.