According to the expert, more than 50 million Russians are now the owners of ADAMAS jewellery pieces.

Jewellery manufacturer ADAMAS was founded in 1993 and to this day is the largest jewellery manufacturer in Russia (the Company’s share on the Russian market came to approx 19%). The retail network of ADAMAS has been developed since 1994 and currently comprises more than 250 own stores.

1024x1024 (2)Today, the range of ADAMAS has more than 30 thousand items of jewellery from affordable models all the way to exclusive one-of-a-kind products. Regularly updated of collections in line with current trends in consumer preferences have made ADAMAS one of the most sought after jewellery brands in Russia.

The partners network of ADAMAS has more than 3,000 wholesale and retail trade companies in Russia, CIS and other foreign countries, which is the result of favourable cooperation policy, well-established market technologies, stable volumes of supplies and other qualities of this company that ensured its reputation as a player with a strong position on the market. ADAMAS employs more than 2,300 people. The company is a strong representative of the country’s business community, it realizes social and charity projects and supports the legislative initiatives aimed at improving the transparency of the jewellery market. The company’s achievements, social responsibility, business transparency and other aspects of its work were repeatedly recognised by various prestigious professional awards.

ADAMAS is an official supplier of international sports games, manufacturer of award medals and cup for Sochi2014, Formula-1, World Chess Championship 2014, Women’s world chess championship 2015, international tournaments Power Pro Show. The design of the medals of the First European Games BAKU 2015 also was created by ADAMAS.

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