Bronnitsy Jewelry

Bronnitsy Jewelry is a dynamically growing company, one of undisputed leaders in the Russian jewelry market.

Bronnitsy Jewelry Factory is one of the oldest jewelry companies in Russia. It produces more than five thousand items of jewelry made of gold 585° and 375° and silver 925°. There are traditional products of our factory – gold and silver chains of hand and automatic weaving among them.

The share of chains today accounts for about 80% of goods 2manufactured by Bronnitsy personnel. The collection of chain products is supplemented by bracelets, necklaces, made on the basis of chain links with pendants or inserts.

In 2007-2009 Bonnitsy Jewelry initiated a large-scale program of complex reconstruction of the factory, turning it into an industrial enterprise of the XXI century, meeting the requirements of environmental and labor protection. The newest equipment of the most famous foreign brands was installed in order to produce jewelry of any difficulty.

High world-class technology combined with unique factory «know-how» provides the highest quality of Bronnitsy Jewelry products. Our factory is the only Russian manufacturer of jewelry that passed the voluntary certification of all its products with the FSFI ROSTEST MOSCOW and received the right to mark goods with the conformance mark “Rostest-Quality”. Bronnitsy Jewelry Factory is one of the very few Russian jewelry companies that passed a successful certification of its quality management system in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

The office space was built up in the way to make it extremely convenient for those who work there… for guests and tourists who are frequent guests in the company. We believe our customers should see with their own eyes how jewelry is produced. The company’s products are presented in more than two thousand stores of all federal districts of the country, as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

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