For more than 8 years, Citilink has been synonymous with innovation, uncompromising customer orientation and a comprehensive range of customer and after-sales services.

Electronic discounter Citilink is one of the largest online retailers in Russia (3rd in terms of turnover on the results of 2015, ranking Ecommerce Index Top-100).

19_city_logoMore than 300 stores measuring up to 3,000 employees in more than 200 cities around the country make Citilink one of the most promising consumer among electronics retailers.

Our geography covers 7 federal districts: Central, Volga, North-West, North-Caucasian, Siberian, Ural and Southern. Today’s portfolio is more persuasive than ever with more than 700 world known brands, comprising everything from flat-screen TVs to tablets, from smartphones to laptops, from game consoles to fully-automated coffee makers, from office furniture to stationery. With an average assortment of 50,000 articles in its stores and integrated online retailing, Citilink offers its customers clear, fair and reliable prices both online and offline.

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