Ulmart – Russia’s first internet-retailer to exceed $1 billion in sales. Opened for business only 6 years ago and already showing more dynamic growth than Amazon.

The first fulfillment center, a cybermarket, was opened in St. Petersburg in July 2008. A similar representative office of the Company was established in Moscow in a few months. In 2009, the Company started to deploy the Outpost network by establishing as order collection points in St. Petersburg, its outskirts, and a number of towns in Leningrad Region.

- Ulmart has invested heavily in creating a nation-wide system of fulfillment centers that are located in large cities permitting Ulmart to make deliveries as rapidly as in 2 hours.
- Ulmart is growing twice as fast as the whole e-commerce sector due to rising financial opportunities of the Russian community seeking to fulfill years of pent-up demand for high-quality products with efficient post-sale services and reliable delivery.
- Ulmart uses its own fleet of nearly 300 trucks covering the entire European part of Russia excluding Kaliningrad.

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