The mission of Internet hypermarket Utkonos is to do everyday life of people is more comfortable and more free.


Internet hypermarket Utkonos is a store of a new generation, which is an innovative combination of traditional and modern technologies of retail trade.

Новый Импульс-50_логотипUtkonos is the leader in the field of Internet trade in food and joint products. The company provides delivery of the daily products, goods for children, household chemicals, goods for animals and many other commodities across Moscow and a number of areas of the Moscow region.

Hundreds of thousands of clients have already been satisfied with the newest format of trade which is offered by Utkonos. More than 30000 names of goods can be ordered, without leaving home or office, with delivery at any time and any place. During 16 years of work company simplified process of the order of goods as much as possible, balanced an assortment according to preferences of thebuyers, developed and implemented an automated system of quality control at all stages of goods movement.

More than two thousand employees, a huge warehouse over 40 thousand sq.m with various temperature zones of storage, big park ofvehicles equipped with special refrigerating chambers provide daily completing and the round-the-clock delivery of orders. All of the above allows our clients to reserve goods at any time, convenient for them, to choose narrow intervals of delivery and to be absolutely confident in quality of the brought products. The goods delivery is performed round the clock. The product delivery is a technological, intellectual and highspending service. At the same time, our prices remain at the level of averages market. We constantly develop and we carry out interesting offersand we reduce goods prices which are in the greatest demand. It allows our clients to purchase quality goods on profitable terms.

The hot line is open for effective communication with buyers in the company. Our operators are ready to answer any questions. They will help to solve any situation round-the-clock by phone +7 (495) 777-5-444.

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